Turn up the heat on McDonald's for killing orangutans

Do you tweet?  If so, do the world a favor and tweet this line today:

Is @McDonalds driving #orangutan habitat loss? For #FastFoodDay RT to demand McD’s uses zero deforestation #PalmOil pic.twitter.com/ZsxagRPFAk

Rainforest killer...

Rainforest killer...

Imagine chomping into a Big Mac and finding a dead orangutan finger.  That's effectively what's happening because McDonalds refuses to stop using palm oil that contributes to rainforest destruction.

Today is National Fast Food Day, and ALERT is helping the Union of Concerned Scientists to turn up the heat on McDonalds.  UCS asked a series of leading corporations to tighten up their palm oil policies and most were happy to oblige -- but not McDonalds.

It's time to tweet, folks. 

And remember also to vote with your wallets -- and ask your friends to do so too. 

McDonalds is a massive consumer of palm oil -- the kind that kills rainforests.  If they don't want to play nice and help save orangutans and countless other species, let's just boycott them until they do.