Cute, funny eco-videos to light up your day

Caring about the environment doesn't have to be all doom and gloom.  It can also be entertaining, informative -- and even funny. 

There's nothing to fear...

There's nothing to fear...

Here are three videos, sent to us by ALERT followers, that each teach us something different about the environment.  All are very short.  Be sure to watch all three.

1) Ratel's night out.  An amateur production from India that quickly tells us about efforts to study a rare and elusive animal, the ratel or honey badger (with thanks to Annapoorna Daithota).

2) Invasion of the yellow crazy ants!  A clever video that shows how invading species can disrupt nature, and what we can do about it (with thanks to Alice Crabtree).

3) Stop the environment -- before it stops us.  An irreverent look at environmentalism (with thanks to Thiago da Silva).

In an era in which technology is making it ever easier to produce and disseminate such videos, we shouldn't underestimate their capacity for reaching -- and hopefully influencing -- a diverse global audience.