Cool videos to promote environmental awareness

Let's face it: We're the Youtube generation.  And if we want to reach folks and foster broad interest in the environment, we need to do it in fun and engaging ways.

No talent required...

No talent required...

That's why scientists and conservationists are increasing using videos, often lodged on Youtube, to reach a wide audience.  And with all the slick new tech-toys at hand, anyone can do this

Here are two eco-videos that have crossed our radar recently.  They're quick and easy to watch -- and they resonate with important messages.

The first, by the group, tells us about the manifold ways that roads can endanger nature

The second, by a team of researchers at Australian National University, tells us why the matrix -- the modified habitats surrounding habitat fragments -- is important for species conservation.

The latter video is especially innovative because it's designed to highlight the key ideas from a new scientific paper.  If all scientists did this, we'd all surely understand more about science!

Videos are gaining cachet as a way to teach and inform.  At the forthcoming annual conference of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, researchers will for the first time have the option of submitting a video of their research -- and potentially winning a nice prize for their efforts.

So, let's applaud the age of eco-videos.  And let us know if you've seen other cool videos (send a link to  We'll feature them, with credit to you, in a future ALERT blog.