Biting back: Aussie coal corporation responds to call for emissions cuts

How cynical should we be about corporate behavior? 

Sheep or wolf...?

Sheep or wolf...?

On the one hand, one is heartened to see the call by over 70 leading corporations--including the giants Shell and Unilever--for global leaders to set tougher carbon-emissions caps.  This reflects, one hopes, a growing appreciation by some of the world's largest corporations of the reality of dangerous climate change.

On the other hand, one simply has to watch the 2014 Climate Policy Update of the Australian Coal Mining Company. 

ALERT cannot swear to the veracity of this statement as it arrived by unconventional means (it was slid under the door by parties unknown). 

Yet regardless, it seems to reflect the substance of the Australian coal industry's position on carbon emissions and climate change, as articulated by a number of leading business and political leaders in Australia.